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Impact of COVID-19 in the Atlantic Provinces, 2020 to the present

This survey is designed to gather both qualitative and quantitative data about how people in the Atlantic Provinces experienced the COVID 19 Pandemic since March 2020.

Welcome to the COVID 19 experience survey. This survey is part of a class project for History 5901 that seeks to gather qualitative and quantitative data regarding your experiences during the COVID 19 pandemic. The survey is part of the class project for HIstory 5901 (in the autumn terms of 2020 and 2021 respectively). We are also conducting Oral History interviews to gather additional qualitative data from participants. If you would like to participate in the oral interviews, please contact us at 

Thank you for participating! No personal data is being collected from this survey and your identity will remain anonymous. The answers to your questions are valuable in our understanding of the impact COVID 19 has had on individuals in the Atlantic Provinces since March 2020 (including how things changed over time). Anonymized data will be made available to historians and analysts. \

NOTE: this is a new and updated survey to reflect changes that happened since the reserach team created this survey in the autumn of 2020. Please feel free to fill it out again if you filled it out a year ago. Thanks again for participating.

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