Student Technology Fee Survey - Fall 2018


Information Services and Systems (ISS) wants your feedback!

We are looking for ideas for innovative uses of technology that support teaching and learning at UNB Saint John.


Have a say on how your technology fee is used and help ISS staff provide you with better technology services by completing the following short Technology Fee Survey. 


To find out more about the Student Technology Fee, including past projects, committee memebership, and project guidlines, plesse visit the following link:


For more information, please contact me directly via email at:




There are 13 questions in this survey.
Technology Fee Project Proposals

Please tell us about yourself: 

What is your UNB affiliation? 



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Project Name:


Project Description:

Please provide as much detail around what exactly this technology project does, or the purpose it serves, and why it is important to improving the overall student experience at UNB Saint John. 


What is your best estimate of the percentage of students that will benefit from this project? 
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What group of students will benefit most?

What is the need for ongoing funding? (Please choose the best answer)
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If applicable:

How will future costs be covered? (From which budget)

Will physical renovations or alterations need to be completed for this project?
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Are renovation, installation, and license costs included in your project quote? Please try to include as much information as possible so that the committee can make an informed decision. 



Where will any purchased equipment be located?

How did you become aware of this application form?

Supplier Name and contact information. 

Please include any pertinent web links or additonal information. Also, all quotes can be emailed to Wayne Hansen -